Voiceless creates high-quality, free, Animal Protection Education (APE) resources for high-school educators.

APEs encourage students to think critically about animal protection. Designed by educators for educators, APEs are free, time-saving resources with classroom activities aligned with the high-school Australian Curriculum. Learn more on our FAQ page. Voiceless is a proud partner of the Humane Education Coalition

Voiceless also delivers presentations to a select number of schools each year. 


Broiler Chicken Welfare

Learn about the welfare issues faced by the over 600 million broiler chickens reared for their meat in Australia every year.  

Dolphins in Captivity

Learn about the social and intelligent nature of dolphins, and the welfare issues associated with keeping them in captivity in aquariums and marine parks.

Legal Personhood

Learn about the concept of legal personhood for animals, and question whether certain animals should be recognised as ‘persons’ under the law.

Coming soon… please watch this space.

Kangaroo Hunting

Learn about the commercial kangaroo hunting industry in Australia and the welfare issues associated with shooting these wild native animals.

Coming soon ….watch this space.