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Animals are sentient beings with their own rich, complex emotional and social lives. Through science-based research, law and education, Voiceless explores the key issues in animal protection.
Live Export

Every year, around three million live animals are exported from Australia for slaughter overseas.


The commercial killing of kangaroos is a multi-million dollar meat and skin industry and the largest slaughter of land-based animals in the world.

Broiler Chickens

About 90% of chickens in Australia are raised in intensive factory farms. Current industry codes allow chickens to be stocked at densities as high as 20 birds per square metre.

Dairy Cows

Each year around 450,000 calves, considered 'wastage', are taken from their mothers and either killed on-farm or sent for commercial slaughter within just five days of being born.

Battery Hens

'Battery' hens are confined to small cages, unable to perform their most natural behaviours. They stand permanently on sloping wire causing chronic pain in their feet. 


Piglets are taken away from their mothers prematurely causing stress and a high incidence of clinical disease and diarrhoea.

Voiceless Animal protection heroes

They are the dedicated and selfless individuals who work tirelessly to rescue and rehabilitate injured and abused animals.To celebrate Voiceless turning 15 this year, we gave $8,000 in gifts to the unsung heroes of Australia's animal protection community - the animal carers. 

Unscrambled: The hidden truth of hen welfare in the Australian egg industry

Voiceless's report assesses the key animal protection issues with the use of battery cages, barn-laid and free range systems from an animal welfare and scientific perspective.

Unscrambled is an important tool to create much-needed change for the treatment of egg-laying hens and their chicks in Australia.

Australia has fallen behind other nations when it comes to layer hen welfare and the time has come for us to evolve to a better standard. Download the report, and find out how you can take action. 

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