Meet our supporters

Voiceless welcomes your support, sponsorship and donations. We are extremely grateful to our significant donors who wish to remain anonymous and to the many professionals and companies who provide us with pro bono, discounted or in-kind support.


Special thanks to:


Eyelevel Communications provide design and communications support and Nova Press provide for all of our printing needs. Both companies make truly significant annual contributions that enable much of our work.

I first heard about Voiceless on Australian Story in 2011 and was immediately interested in the work of Brian and Ondine Sherman. The documentary educated me about the truth of the animal farming industries, how they operate and the absolute need for public awareness to bring about lasting change. I felt compelled to contact Voiceless the very next day to offer assistance. My company, Nova Press, began helping with pro-bono printing and mailing for the organisation. Years later I am proud to say that Nova is still involved with Voiceless and will be for many years to come.

 Chad Lemming, Nova, Sep 2016

Nova Press



Bio-Distributors provide annual financial support and in-kind contributions to many facets of our work.

Although we have been making donations from Bio-Distributors, our organic food business, to humanitarian and environmental causes for many years, in early 2000 we had an epiphany that changed the direction of our charitable giving.  As committed vegans with a great love for animals, we determined to direct some of our philanthropy to organisations that were working to protect and improve animal rights. As soon as we found out about Voiceless in 2006 and their work to raise awareness and advocate for the better treatment of animals on factory farms, we contacted Ondine and offered our help.  We’ve been great supporters ever since.For over a decade, we have been impressed with what Voiceless has achieved in their support for animals and of other organisations working on behalf of animals, and we look forward to being able to continue funding their work.

 Ric and Jo Easton, Sept 2016




ManageFlitter and a number of other private donors sponsor projects through our annual Grants program.


Long-time Voiceless friends Dr Charlie Teo and his wife Genevieve have served as patrons of the Voiceless Awards for a number of years and are passionate advocates of our work.

Animals are beautiful creatures and should be valued for more than simply what we can take from them, they should be valued as the sentient creatures they are.  

Charlie Teo, July 2015

We've recently been joined by Six Parallels South, as Voiceless's vegan wine sponsor for Voiceless events - thank you Mark Sztar and the Six Parallels South team for your generous support.


We have many other wonderful corporate sponsors who assist with smaller and in-kind donations & discounted services, enabling our events and initiatives:  Community Builders Australia, City Desktop Training, Dashing Print, Five Star PRFX Art + Framing, Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, Nadine Saacks Photography, Nudie Foods and Seeho Su Contemporary Furniture.  We'd also like to welcome and thank Petsecure who have recently joined our Compassionate Voices circle.

Goodwill WinesNudie FoodsLush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

You can support Voiceless while enjoying quality wines by making a purchase from Goodwill Wines. 50% of profits from the sale of every Voiceless branded bottle will support our work in animal protection. Browse the selection of vegan wines here