Teacher Toolkits

Voiceless believes in the power of education and the importance of critical thinking.  Voiceless Education Toolkits (VETs) address key animal protection issues.

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In 2018, Voiceless Education Toolkits (VETs) will cover a range of key topics and issues, critical to understanding the relationship between human and nonhuman animals.

Voiceless Education Toolkits (VET) are free and easy-to-use teaching resources aimed at high-school and university students. They encourage critical-thinking by investigating key animal protection issues and ethical and legal concepts. 

VETs include free downloadable videos, podcasts, fact sheets, and slideshows along with age-appropriate class and extra-curricular activities. 

VETs can be used by educators and easily integrated into the classroom. They are applicable to multiple parts of the Australian high-school curriculum and animal law studies with themes such as protection of wild animals; animal welfare in farming industries; animal sentience and legal rights; and the relationships between humans, non-human animals and the natural environment.

Voiceless is ensuring the youth of today are well-equipped to be tomorrow's decision makers - creating a world in which animals are treated with respect and compassion.   Voiceless is a proud partner of the Humane Education Coalition.

Broiler Chicken Welfare

Learn about the welfare issues faced by the over 600 million broiler chickens reared for their meat in Australia every year.  

Dolphins in Captivity

Learn about the social and intelligent nature of dolphins, and the welfare issues associated with keeping them in captivity in aquariums and marine parks.

Coming soon… please watch this space.

Legal Personhood

Learn about the concept of legal personhood for animals, and question whether certain animals should be recognised as ‘persons’ under the law.

Coming soon… please watch this space.

Kangaroo Hunting

Learn about the commercial kangaroo hunting industry in Australia and the welfare issues associated with shooting these wild native animals.

Coming soon ….watch this space.