The issues we work on

Factory farming causes the most suffering to the largest number of animals in Australia.

Australia's iconic kangaroos are hunted in the largest commercial slaughter of
land-based wildlife on
the planet.

Pigs are social and intelligent animals who naturally live in family groups, yet on factory farms they are treated like machines on a production line.

Australia exports over three million live animals every year. Many are slaughtered in countries without adequate protections against cruelty.

Ag-gag laws operate to hide the truth about how animals are raised on factory farms by silencing advocates and stifling transparency.

Each year 600 million chickens are produced for meat in Australia and most are factory farmed, with up to 60,000 chickens living in a single shed.

In Australia, most ducks are raised on factory farms where they are permanently confined in sheds for the duration of their short lives.

Each year, Australians consume an average of 107 litres of milk per person. Sadly, dairy cows do not live carefree lives as many consumers imagine.

Farmed animals are conscious beings with rich experiences of the world. They suffer from pain, feel emotions and build strong relationships.

Right now in Australia, it is estimated that between 11 - 12 million ‘battery’ hens are confined to small cages, unable to perform even their most natural behaviours.

Consumers should be protected from misleading words and images on food packaging so that they can make informed ethical choices.

Australia currently lacks government leadership in the animal protection space, resulting in an animal protection framework which is failing animals.

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