Sky YA fiction

Sky is a beautifully moving book about a young Australian girl who although faced with difficult circumstances, finds her voice and learns to speak up for herself and those who cannot speak for themselves.

Asha Mortel, 17yrs.

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After her mother’s death, Sky is forced to leave her city life behind and move in with her aunt and uncle in a small Australian town. But the city isn’t all that she leaves behind. Trying to fit in with her new friends means doing things she never dreamt she’d do. And falling for the school queen’s crush is the least of her worries when she’s confronted by tightly guarded family secrets.

Just as she thinks everything is starting to feel normal, Sky stumbles on a case of animal cruelty that forces her to make some tough decisions. Will Sky risk everything to stand up for what she believes in?

Sometimes you have to lose everything to find yourself.

People who have read Sky, say:

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With Sky, I wanted to write an entertaining, relatable book for young adults and create a safe space where they can learn about animal protection issues.

Ondine Sherman, author and Co-founder, Voiceless

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Teachers Resources

Sky can be used as an educational text, to support a range of learning objectives in the Australian Curriculum. Teachers can access a variety of creative and engaging classroom activities related to Sky (suitable for grades 7-9), in the Teaching Notes produced by The Author People. Download the Teachers' Notes by clicking on the thumbnail to the right.

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