Books, Articles and Multimedia

A comprehensive compilation of animal protection resources including books, journal articles, documentaries and animal law texts.

November 2006
  • Education
  • Sentience
Ingrid Newkirk
Warner Books
June 2011
  • Animal Law
Bruce Wagman & Matthew Liebman
Carolina Academic Press
November 2010
  • Animal Law
  • Ethics & Philosophy
  • Legal Personhood
Joan Schaffner
Palgrave Macmillan
March 2010
  • Ethics & Philosophy
  • Factory Farming
  • Farm Animal Welfare
David Kirby
St. Martin's Griffin
April 2008
  • Animal Law
Taimie Bryant, Deborah Huss & David Cassuto (eds)
December 2010
  • Animal Law
  • Factory Farming
  • Farm Animal Welfare
Pamela Frasch, Katherine Hessler, Sarah Kutil & Sonia Waisman
Peter Sankoff (eds),Steven White (eds),Celeste Black (eds)
Federation Press
Deborah Cao,Katrina Sharman,Steven White
Thomson Reuters