2015 People's Choice Award


Decided by popular vote and funded by generous donations from Voiceless supporters, the People's Choice Award provides $15,000 to the public's favourite animal protection project.


This is your chance to award $15,000 to help launch your favourite animal protection project.

As part of the 2015 Voiceless Grants Program, we've selected three nominees for your consideration. Each are in the running to receive $15,000 to get their project off the ground.

Voting for the 2015 People’s Choice Award has now closed.  Your winner will be announced at the Voiceless Awards in Sydney in December.  Stay tuned to find out which project will be given the chance to put their animal protection plans into action?

Companions - not Commodities

Nine out of 10 dogs born into the greyhound industry won’t get to live out their full lives. This amounts to the 'wastage' of thousands of dogs every year. Adopt a Greyhound Month will run a ‘Companions - not Commodities’ campaign during April to promote greyhounds as loving companions, encourage their adoption and raise community awareness of their plight. The campaign will put greyhounds squarely in the public eye, through online promotion and the placement of outdoor advertising.


Pig Dogging – brutal, barbaric and legal

Pig dogging is a legal blood sport that sets hunting dogs on wild pigs who are captured and stabbed to death. This campaign will promote public awareness about this brutal ‘sport’ and encourage an immediate ban in NSW and QLD. The outdoor advertising campaign will encourage supporters to sign a petition to ban pig dogging. There will also be an online component with Animal Liberation NSW creating a compilation of images that show the gruesome reality of pig dogging to further encourage the ban. 


Free From Harm App

Good On You helps people make ethical shopping choices. The Free From Harm App will be an ethical shopping assistant featuring the most comprehensive ratings of fashion and cosmetics brands on key animal protection issues. The app will allow people to find brands that suit their style, price and ethical needs, then locate stockists. It will also allow users to contact brands directly from the app to demand action, or say “good on you” for doing the right thing by animals.