Paddy's Story

bobby calf right

Paddy is a newborn male calf. His mother was forcibly impregnated and he was born with a sole purpose – to induce her body to produce milk. As he cannot produce milk, Paddy’s life is cut brutally short.  Within 24 hours of his birth, he is torn away from his mother while she bellows in despair. Paddy will now be killed by blunt force trauma, where he is literally bludgeoned over the head to death with a blunt instrument. I have seen footage of this process, and it is heartbreaking.

At least 450,000 bobby calves are born as ‘wastage’ into the dairy industry each year. Like Paddy, they are created just to trigger their mothers’ milk and then thrown away like a spare part.

To allow such cruelty to exist in our own backyard seems unthinkable, yet unless the laws change it will continue. By raising awareness of these practices, together, we can improve the lives of these animals.

If we change our laws, we can change their lives.