Our Donor Charter

What happens when I donate to Voiceless?

It’s important to us that you feel secure about donating to Voiceless. We want you to know how your gift will contribute to animal protection. 


Will you contact me after I donate to Voiceless?
We are so grateful for every single donation and show of support. Once you have donated, we will definitely let you know that we have received your donation, thank you for your kind support and provide you with updates on how the donations we receive contribute to our successes in helping animals. We will always identify ourselves as representatives of Voiceless when we contact you. You can elect your preferred communication method – email, phone or postal. If you’d rather not hear from us, we will listen and you can choose to disengage from communications at any time.

Animals not administration

I want to donate to Voiceless, but I don’t want to pay for administration costs. 
You support us to help animals in need and we know you care about the issues we work towards. As such, we take every measure possible to ensure your money goes straight to the cause. You have our assurance that we endeavour to fund operations and administration costs internally as much as we possibly can, so we can use yours and other public donations for our law and education work. Most of the donated funds we receive are pooled, allowing us to place your dollars where they can best help our mission. You can choose to give a one-off gift, join our wide network of monthly donors or even leave a bequest to Voiceless. In all cases, we will treat your donation with the same respect and intention.

Use of donations

How will my money be spent?
Voiceless will make responsible decisions about how to spend your donation to further our mission of making the world a better place for animals. We have already seen tangible changes for animals thanks to our work, backed by your generosity. On occasion, you may wish to select a particular project for your donation and we will, wherever possible, assign your gift to that area. However, there will be times that we aren’t able to earmark your gifts for specific purposes, and in those cases, we will talk to you and find out how you would like to proceed. 

We want you to be informed

I’m interested in financial transparency
At Voiceless, second to the animals we are trying to help, there is nothing else more important to us than our supporters. We couldn’t do this work without you. We know how much it means to you, and as such donations will be handled with the highest level of accuracy and transparency. Financial records will be kept to ensure accountability and tracking. You may also request to see our most recently published financial statements any time you wish. We value openness, honesty, accountability and integrity and our commitment to these are at the core of all we do.

We care about your privacy

What about my private information?
Voiceless will respect and protect the privacy of our donors in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), the Australian Privacy Principles and any other relevant legislation. Voiceless will ensure that your anonymity is protected if you wish. Your information will primarily be used by Voiceless to maintain contact and to keep you up-to-date with information about Voiceless, our activities and our achievements.

Ask us anything

Does Voiceless have DGR status?
Voiceless is a registered charity recognised by the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACN 108 494 631). The Australian Federal Government recognises various types of charities which qualify for Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status. Unfortunately, along with most other animal protection organisations, and despite a five-year campaign, Voiceless does not have DGR status.This means that donations to Voiceless are not tax deductible.The only animal protection groups with DGR status are those which provide short-term direct care or rehabilitation of orphaned, sick or injured animals that have been lost, mistreated or are without owners. We sincerely appreciate the support of all our wonderful donors and thank you for continuing to help Voiceless achieve our vision of a world in which animals are treated with respect and compassion, and we truly mean it when we say that we could not continue our work without your generosity. 

I’d like to discuss this further, I have some more questions about donating to Voiceless.
Please feel free to call or email us any time, all enquiries are welcome. We can be reached on 02 9357 0723 or email at [email protected]