Voiceless Rethinking: Dairy Cows

Voiceless Rethinking is a seminar series, which investigates common animal protection issues from new, and sometimes challenging, perspectives.


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Dairy is often promoted as a ‘no harm’ industry, yet at the core of this multi-billion dollar business is the exploitation of the dairy cow and her calf.

Like us, dairy cows must give birth to a calf in order to produce milk. To ensure she constantly produces a high volume of milk, she will be forcibly impregnated and made to give birth to a new calf every 13 months.

Every time, this calf will be taken from her soon after birth so her milk can instead be sold for human consumption.  The dairy cow’s reproductive system is repeatedly exploited over the course of her short life until she is no longer considered ‘viable’ and is slaughtered. 

Voiceless Rethinking: Dairy Cows is a ground-breaking seminar featuring a panel of renowned speakers who will consider the ethics of high production dairy farming in Australia and question our treatment of the dairy cow. 


Thursday 5 March 2015


6:00 - 7:30pm


Mueller Hall, National Herbarium
Royal Botanic Gardens 
Birdwood Ave, South Yarra VIC


$12 includes a glass of wine and nibbles








Vicki Jones runs a small dairy farm in Victoria, using organic practices and a farming model she calls ‘compassionate farming’. Family-owned and operated, Vicki’s farm works with local communities in Herd Share arrangements and has a strong commitment to sustainable farming practices and promoting higher animal welfare.

Dr Deidre Wicks is an Honorary Research Associate at Newcastle University and an Honorary Research Fellow at the National University of Ireland, Galway. She has been a Voiceless Council member since 2010 and was a contributing author of Voiceless’s latest report The Life of the Dairy Cow

Philip Wollen OAM is a prominent animal welfare advocate and philanthropist. He is an Honorary Fellow of the Oxford Centre of Animal Ethics UK and in 2005 he won the Australian of the Year (Victoria) award in recognition of his support of charitable causes, including his work for the animal protection movement.

Mo Wyse is co-owner of Smith & Daughters, a vegan restaurant in Fitzroy. She began her career as a journalist for Satya, an animal rights publication and has been a vegan for 17 years. Her restaurant was recognised with the People’s Choice award at the 2014 Time Out Food Awards
















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