Getting Involved

Voiceless has helped to build a powerful movement of animal protection advocates across society. We are now a community of compassionate individuals and professionals in education, law, science, business and entertainment whose influence continues to help our message to reverberate across all corners of Australia. 

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Animal protection is the next great social justice movement, and it’s easy for everyone to become a part of it! Below are just some of the ways in which you can join the Voiceless team and millions of other individuals worldwide in working to alleviate the suffering of animals.

Choosing Cruelty-Free

The most powerful way to make a difference is to lead by example. Say no to animal cruelty by reducing the amount of animal products in your diet and lifestyle. You can assist others to make this choice by advocating for more vegetarian and vegan food options at university or work functions, law society meetings, food outlets, conferences and events.


When advocating for animal protection, the most important thing is to be well-informed. Once you understand the issues, you can help others learn by talking to people, distributing educational material or running educational campaigns. Information that is based on thorough research and credible sources is more likely to have an effect and be taken seriously. You can also offer to teach a workshop or present on an animal protection topic at an educational institution, workplace or animal protection event. 
A comprehensive compilation of animal protection resources including books, journal articles, documentaries and animal law texts is available here


Many animal protection organisations welcome volunteers. Some organisations accept casual or one-off assistance, while others might require a regular commitment. Get in touch with an organisation near you to enquire about volunteer opportunities.

Social Media

Social media is an extremely effective forum for spreading ideas and building momentum for a social justice movement. Get vocal about animal protection issues that matter to you, share links from existing groups or start a specific interest group. Like Voiceless’s Facebook page for regular updates and follow us on Twitter.

Lobby the Ministers

Call on the federal Minister for Agriculture and your state Minister for Primary Industries to give strong legal protections to animals in factory farms and the commercial kangaroo cull. Write a letter or email explaining your views and calling for change, for example banning sow stalls or battery cages.

Make a complaint

If you see or hear an advertisement about a factory farmed product, and you think it is misleading or deceptive, complain to the Advertising Standards Bureau.


There are countless opportunities to attend, participate in or organise animal protection events throughout the year. Animal protection events take various forms, such as rallies, lectures, festivals or panel discussions. For something more casual, you could even throw a ‘dinner and documentary’ night for your friends to raise awareness and discuss an important issue. Contact Voiceless to organise a speaker at your event. 

At University

If you are a student, consider joining or founding an animal protection society. There is plenty of scope to run events and educational campaigns on campus, and even to petition a university or school to provide more cruelty-free options.

Support and Donate

Consider showing your support for the movement by endorsing animal protection work through a one-off or regular donation. To donate to Voiceless, please visit our donation page.