Help Voiceless by Displaying a Collection Box

Do you run a cafe, shop or event and want to do a little something to help animals? Help fundraise for Voiceless by placing a Collection Box on the counter. All funds raised through these boxes go towards our work to educate and inspire a new generation to create a kinder world for animals.

To request a Voiceless Collection Box, please complete the below form.



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Once your request is processed, you will be issued an ‘Authority to Fundraise’ certificate and a Collection Box will be posted to you. You will not be able to fundraise, or advertise that you will be fundraising, on Voiceless’s behalf until an ‘Authority to Fundraise’ is issued by us. This process and the issuing of an ‘Authority to Fundraise’ is a condition of our fundraising license in each State and Territory.

Read the Terms and Conditions here.


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