Talking vegetarian food with the Herald

Voiceless Co-Founder, Ondine Sherman, spoke to The Sydney Morning Herald about her experiences with vegetarian and vegan options when dining out.

While Voiceless isn't prescriptive regarding the consumption of meat (we believe consumers should make their own ethical decisions), Ondine has been a vegetarian for many years and shared her experiences with health writer Paula Goodyer.


Eating Out: A Vegetarian's Dilemma

March 20, 2012

How easy is it to find vegetarian food on restaurant menus? That depends on where you are and what kind of vegetarian you are – and it helps to be in love with quiche, risotto or pasta with tomato sauce, the standard veggie options in many places. If you eat eggs and dairy products, the choices are wider, but for vegans who avoids both, along with meat, poultry and fish, it's trickier – unless you’re in a big US city. On a trip to Chicago, Ondine Sherman, managing director of the animal protection organisation Voiceless, found so many vegan friendly restaurants she was spoilt for choice.