Milly's Story


Milly is one of eight million ducks killed every year in the Australian duck industry. As an aquatic bird, Milly is dependent on access to open water for her physical health and behavioural instincts. Put simply, her legs are just not designed to hold her body weight. Yet under Australian law, Milly can be kept in an intensive housing system for her entire life without access to an open water source.

Without access to water, Milly will endure heat stress, eye infections and the inability to clean herself. It also means that for the duration of her short, seven week life, Milly will not have the opportunity to take the pressure off her naturally weak leg and thigh joints, resulting in her experiencing lameness, dislocated joints, broken bones and splay legs.

The suffering of these factory farmed animals is relentless, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

If we change our laws, we can change their lives.