Jessie's Story


Jessie is one of the millions of chicks bred in the Australian egg industry. Jessie the hen knows of these horrors all too well. As she hatched with her brother, he was taken to become one of the 12 million male chicks brutally killed each year as part of the Australian egg industry. Due to his gender, he is deemed useless and faces slaughter by either carbon dioxide gassing or being crushed and sliced while still conscious between rollers.

Jessie is ‘lucky’ in that her life will extend beyond just a few hours. She will join the 12 million hens confined to small, barren battery cages around Australia. Before she enters her new warehoused life, she will have her sensitive lower and upper beak amputated or seared off with an electrically heated blade, without any pain relief. This is done so that if she becomes frustrated at her life of deprivation and starts to peck at her other cage mates, she’ll do less damage without her full beak.

Her life is then reduced to constantly standing on sloping wire floors on a space less than that of an A4 sized piece of paper. Jessie will develop disuse osteoporosis leading to chronic pain from bone fractures due to her extreme inactivity. She will also be deprived of the capacity to act on natural instincts and comfort behaviours like wing flapping, grooming, stretching and dust bathing.

The lives of animals like Jessie are full of suffering, but your help can make a difference. 

If we change our laws, we can change their lives.