Grants Program

The Voiceless Grants Program has invested over $1.5 million in financial support for projects that reduce the suffering of animals in industrialised farming and the commercial kangaroo industry in Australia.


Applications for the 2016 Grants Program will open in late July with an entirely new look. 

Grants will be awarded to projects that address the suffering of animals in Australia.

For applications to be considered, your project must be relevant to animals in Australia and meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Change attitudes and/or increase awareness about animal suffering e.g. through primary, secondary or higher education, or programs that educate the community about animal issues, public awareness campaigns on an animal issue etc.; or
  • Encourage the public to take action for animals in their personal lives e.g. making changes in their purchasing decisions by choosing animal-friendly products; or
  • Work to modify or create new laws or policies to further animal protection in Australia.

Grant applications that will not be considered:

  • Projects that do not fit specifically into the above listed categories; 
  • Projects that relate to companion animal spay or neuter projects or wildlife rescue and conservation projects;
  • Projects that do not have the primary aim of improving the lives of animals in Australia;
  • Projects that seek funding for the set-up or infrastructural costs of an organisation or group without specific reference to a project that falls within Voiceless’s core areas of work;
  • Projects that primarily seek to benefit humans rather than animals; or
  • Projects that will involve some element of animal use, exploitation, or cruelty (such as research that will involve the use or exploitation of animals, or events that will involve the consumption or use of animal-derived products).