2012 People's Choice Award


Decided by popular vote and funded by generous donations from Voiceless supporters, the People's Choice Award provides $15,000 in funding to the public's favourite animal protection project.


As part of the 2012 Voiceless Grants Program, four inspiring nominees were selected for the People's Choice Award. Thousands of supporters voted for their favourite project to receive up to $15,000 in funding. Please note that voting is now closed.The winner will be announced on 28 November at the 2012 Voiceless Awards.


PETA Australia’s University ‘Empathy’ Tour

The ‘Empathy’ Tour will visit 21 Australian universities with a 12-panel exhibit expressing that all forms of oppression are wrong, whether the victim is human or animal. At each stop, the tour will include free literature, student newspaper coverage, classroom visits, face-to-face student engagement and evening speaking sessions. PETA Australia is modelling the tour on the highly successful PETA US ‘Animal Liberation Project’.


Does your favourite café use free range eggs? happychooks is a digital guide and branding initiative that will support free range egg farming by publicising venues that use free range eggs. Listings will be based on certified farmers and nominations made by consumers, with a window sticker displaying affiliation for passers-by.

Oscar's Law Animal Advocates Program (OLAAP)

The Oscar's Law Advocate training program selects applicants annually from across Australia to train with Oscar's Law founder Debra Tranter, building knowledge of animal protection and the need for legislative reform and regulation. OLAAP aims for a ratio of one in 100 Australians attending an animal rights presentation by an Oscar's Law Advocate within the next ten years and in doing so establishing awareness on the endemic cruel farming of animals for companionship and agriculture.

App: Source Free Range

Source Free Range, brought to you by August for Animals, will provide easy access to information about terminology and definitions, useful questions consumers can ask of retailers and producers, and assistance to find local, ethical and humane sources of the animals and animal products we eat.

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