Where do our politicians stand on animal protection?

This Federal Election year, Voiceless is calling for animal protection to be put on the national agenda.

We contacted the major political parties and sought their position on key federal animal protection issues, including:

To make your vote count for animals, see where the major political players stand on these initiatives in the table below.*

Please note that Voiceless is not affiliated with any political party. This guide is provided on an information only basis to assist voters with making an informed decision on Election Day.

Where do the parties stand?*

  Supports an Independent Office of Animal Welfare Supports ban of Live Animal Exports Supports Commercial Killing of Kangaroos ban
Liberal Party of Australia x x x
Australian Labor Party x x
National Party of Australia x x x
Australian Greens x1
Animal Justice Party
Sustainable Australia Party No policy No policy
Palmer United Party No policy x No policy
Nick Xenophon Team No policy x No policy
Katter’s Australian Party No policy x x
Liberal Democratic Party No policy x No policy
Family First Party x x No policy
Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party No policy x

No policy

Derryn Hinch's Justice Party No policy
Health Australia Party No policy


Where do the Independents stand?

Obviously there are a number of Independent candidates running in the upcoming Federal Election. Some of these Independents may have progressive animal welfare policies. For example, Andrew Wilkie has expressed support for a ban on live exports and the commercial kangaroo industry, and supports the introduction of an Independent Office of Animal Welfare.

If you have an Independent running in your electorate, we urge you to contact them directly to understand where they stand on these key animal welfare issues.

* The information was compiled on 18 April 2016. Where parties did not respond, we have determined the position based on publically available statements. Please note that this list of parties is not exhaustive. If you would like your political party listed above, or would like to correct any of the information provided, please contact us.


  • 1. The Australian Greens, and in particular, Senator Lee Rhiannon have raised concern with the commercial kangaroo industry, and in particular, the robustness of the science supporting the industry. Accordingly, they have called for a re-examination of the issue, without expressly committing to a complete ban.