Voiceless delivers professional and engaging presentations to secondary schools and universities. Our presentations encourage students to think critically about the human-animal relationship and animal protection.

Help us help them

We have delivered presentations at secondary schools and universities across the country, and are able to tailor presentations to suit your institution’s needs.

Possible themes include:

  • Animals and the law;
  • Protection of wild animals in Australia;
  • Animal welfare in farming industries;
  • Animal sentience and animal rights;
  • Relationships between humans, non-human animals and the natural environment.

To arrange a presentation at your secondary school or university, please contact:

Our Animal Law & Education Manager Dr Meg Good speaking at Deakin University (2017).


To learn more about some of the topics we discuss in our presentations, watch some of our public panel discussions on the concept of speciesism and the welfare issues associated with kangaroo hunting and the dairy industry.

Rethinking: Kangaroos

Rethinking: Speciesism

Rethinking: Dairy Cows