Unsustainable Cruelty

The Australian PhotoJournalist (APJ) is an annual journal of images and words showcasing exceptional photojournalism. Published by the Centre for Documentary Practice at Griffith University, the APJ is a non-profit publication which delves into different areas of our society.

Through our Grants Program, Voiceless is proud to support the publication of the 2014 edition titled Unsustainable Cruelty, an unflinching exploration of our relationship with animals.

This 246 page full-colour book includes a foreword by Voiceless Co-Founder Ondine Sherman and 18 individual photo series which explore subjects from hunting to bullfighting, abattoirs to ethics. Each series is accompanied by an introduction penned by a company of animal protection luminaries including Jonathan Safran Foer and Peter Singer.

The images in this book are shocking in their horror, in their wanton brutality and it’s hard to even look at them. And that is why the practices they represent, practices that are currently legal and endorsed by courts of law and by government, are unsustainable. Because they are at odds with the societies that we strive to build, those which are founded on values of goodness.

                                                                                – Ondine Sherman, Voiceless Co-Founder 

To celebrate the launch of Unsustainable Cruelty, Voiceless is thrilled to make this beautiful and challenging volume available for purchase through our website at a cost of $40 + postage. This price covers the cost of producing the issue as well as a small donation to Voiceless.

If you would like to purchase a copy of Unsustainable Cruelty please email Billie-Rose at [email protected] and we will be in touch asap.

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