The Lives of Animals: Assessment Tasks

A range of assessment tasks below are suggestions on ways to synthesise learnings from Lesson Sets 1-5 based on the text The Lives of Animals

Teachers could also use evidence from tasks within the lessons to bring together a portfolio of work to show how achievements have been met.

Assessment 1: Essay

Students write an essay in response to Elizabeth Costello’s lecture. Students research information to support their argument, which should be structured and cohesive. 

Assessment 2: Short Media Piece

Students produce a magazine-style two-page spread featuring a fictional interview with Elizabeth Costello. This should be consistent with how the character is described in the text. Students should select appropriate language features, styles and imagery to influence how the character and her arguments are seen. Students also create an accompanying summary to explain why they have chosen these to influence the reader.

Assessment 3: Group Research and Oral Presentation

In the text, John (Elizabeth's son) states "Do you really believe, Mother, that poetry classes are going to close down the slaughterhouses?"

In groups, students research the role of literature (poetry and song) in social justice movements, sharing ideas about how this has developed over time and the influence it has on the wider community. 

Students should look at language features and how they influence the audience.

Individually students should write their own poem or song on a social justice issue. This could be linked to the animal issue they researched in Lesson Set 3. The poem or song should be presented to the class.

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