Facts and Fishes

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This APE has been designed for the Year 7 Science class. Over 6-8 weeks, students dive into the wonders of the animal kingdom beneath the sea. Through informative, accurate, and scientific resources, students explore the watery world of fishes.

Students have opportunities to hone their inquiry and critical thinking skills as they investigate the intelligence, memory, capabilities, sentience, and culture of fishes. 

The cross-curricular priority of Sustainability plays a vital role in this unit of work and places emphasis on the concept that all life forms, including human life, are connected through ecosystems on which they depend for their wellbeing and survival.  

Students will learn:    

  • The many capabilities of fishes
  • The science behind the sentience of fishes  
  • To think critically about animal protection issues  
  • The importance of sustainability  


  • Unit of Work featuring five focus areas complete with teacher instructions and a wide array of activities
  • Student worksheets and handouts
  • Opportunities for extension
  • Comprehensive and visually engaging fact sheet
  • Explainer video ideal for classroom use (5 mins)
  • Colourful poster/infographic
  • Student glossary and accompanying online Quizlet   
  • Formative and summative assessment tasks


Facts and Fishes Unit of Work


This 5-minute animated video introduces students to the many capabilities of fishes. It contains no graphic footage and is suitable for use in high school classrooms for all ages and countries.


Concise and ideal for visual learners, this infographic can be printed for use in the classroom or used as an e-resource. Download a pdf here.


An introduction to the capabilities and sentience of fishes and an exploration of the commercial fishing industry. 

Browse through the Fact Sheet below or download it here.

Fish Sentience Factsheet


A Glossary of 29 key terms and definitions and an online quiz to help students test their understanding of the key terms contained in this APE. Click here to access the quiz.


EPISODE 1 – fish sentience, intelligence, and culture
Episode 2 - Commercial fishing and its impact on the environment

These engaging and informative podcasts are suitable for years 7-10. Listen to experts discuss their views and the latest in scientific research on the topic. 

Interviewees include:   

  Download the podcast transcript here

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