2014 People's Choice Award


This is your chance to award up to $15,000 in funding to help launch your favourite animal protection project.

The People’s Choice Award is decided by a public vote and funded by generous donations from Voiceless supporters.

As part of the 2014 Voiceless Grants Program, we've selected three inspiring nominees for your consideration.

Voting for the 2014 People's Choice Award has now closed. We'll announce the winners at the 2014 Voiceless Awards in December. 


Ditch Dairy

Many Australians consume dairy every day without thinking about the welfare issues associated with milk production. Animal Liberation Queensland’s Ditch Dairy campaign will aim to promote public understanding of serious welfare concerns associated with dairy such as the slaughter of bobby calves and the emotional pain of mother-calf separation. Their campaign will develop radio and cinema advertising, a dedicated Ditch Dairy website and aligned social media as well as print materials and a recipe e-book to promote cruelty-free dairy alternatives. 

Advocacy and Images: Is a picture worth a thousand words?

Animal advocacy groups use a variety of images to challenge the public to think differently about animals but there is little scientific evidence to tell us what kind of images are most effective. This project will evaluate the response by members of the public to such images. Researchers at Central Queensland University and Flinders University will conduct a study to determine what kind of images create the most effective challenge and whether they make people more responsive to animal advocacy campaigns.

Rural Animal Law Symposium

Northern Rivers Community Legal Centre will organise and host a two day animal law symposium in the Northern Rivers region of NSW. The symposium will aim to educate rural lawyers, law students and animal advocates on a range of legal topics such as live export, intensive farming, standing and strategic litigation, enforcement and regulatory capture. The rural animal law symposium will offer a series of workshops and talks aimed at building the skills and knowledge of animal lawyers working in the bush. 

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