2013 Grants Program

The Voiceless Grants Program offers financial support for projects that reduce the suffering of animals in industrialised farms and the commercial kangaroo industry in Australia.

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Since the Voiceless Grants Program launched in 2004, almost $1.3 million has been awarded to organisations working at the forefront of animal protection.  The Grants provide financial support to non-profit organisations, councils and universities for independently conceived and operated projects. Grants are awarded to applicants with the ideas, passion and expertise to create meaningful change.

Grants are awarded to projects that address one of the following categories:  
  • Factory farming
    This is all forms of ‘industrialised farming’ for food including the farming of meat chickens, hens, pigs, dairy cows and the use of feedlots for meat production. Projects addressing the plight of bobby calves and live export of animals will also be accepted; or
  • The commercial kangaroo industry
    This does not include alleged ‘conservation–based’ culls undertaken by the Government associated entities; or
  • Building animal protection as a social justice movement in Australia

Applications for the 2013 Grants Program are now closed. You can view a list of the 2013 Grant recipients here.