Charlie's Story


Charlie is a piglet who was born on a concrete floor on a factory farm. He will only ever feed from his mother through metal bars, as she is kept locked in a steel crate barely larger than a shopping trolley.

Days later, Charlie will cry out as he is pulled away from the safety of his mother to be castrated, have his teeth clipped and his tail cut off, all without pain relief. The process will cause him extreme pain for up to 15 days, sometimes so severely that he will tremble and vomit. He will then live out his short life in a crowded, barren shed until he is ready for slaughter.

Pigs like Charlie can experience lives of extreme torment and deprivation simply to maximise profits.

Devastatingly, suffering like Charlie’s is not unique and is felt by many animals used in farming across Australia.

If we change our laws, we can change their lives.