Change our laws – change their lives

Over 600 million farmed animals are raised and slaughtered in Australia each year, with the vast majority subjected to intolerable conditions and intense physical and emotional distress in factory farms.

Under the law, they are considered objects and to producers, they are just another cog in the production line. But in reality, they are living, breathing, intelligent beings who feel every minute of their pain and fear.

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At Voiceless, we advocate for an end to factory farming. We are working with government, industry, retailers and consumers to raise awareness about factory farming, where millions of animals suffer lives of deprivation and legalised suffering.

Please stand with us and help us give them a voice - without us, they have no one.
If we can change our laws, we can change their lives.

By donating today, you can help us to:

  • Ban ‘sow stalls’, battery cages and water deprivation for ducks;
  • Legislate against painful procedures like debeaking, tail clipping and castration;
  • End the legal slaughter of bobby calves through ‘blunt force trauma’;
  • Ensure all animals have the freedom to perform their natural behaviours; and
  • Spread awareness of how we can all make ethical choices.

How does your financial support help animals?

Voiceless is an advocacy group and as such, your money is not going to spare just one pig from suffering or rescue one hen from a battery cage. Instead, your donations will help us to be a voice for all animals calling for a real and permanent change to the way they are protected by law.

If we can change our laws, we can change their lives.