Your Legacy for Animals

Thank you for your compassion for animals – they need us now more than ever.  If you have decided to support the work of Voiceless with a gift in your Will, thank you. Whether large or small, your bequest will be valued greatly.

By leaving a bequest to Voiceless, after providing for family and loved ones, you are making a powerful commitment that will help us change the future for animals, for the better, for generations to come. By making Voiceless a beneficiary you can create a lasting legacy to help improve the lives of animals and protect them from future suffering.

To ensure that your exact intentions are followed we recommend that wills, trusts and codicils be prepared by a professional legal advisor. 

Your bequest to Voiceless may take one of the following forms:

  • a bequest of your entire estate or a specified percentage of your estate;
  • a residual bequest - a gift of the remainder/residue of your estate after distribution to other persons or organisations named in your Will; or
  • a bequest of a specific amount of money.

If you would like any further information, please contact us on 02 9357 0723 or by email.

Making a will

Voiceless recommends that you consult a lawyer when preparing your Will to ensure that it complies with all necessary legal requirements. You may, however, wish to provide the following words to your lawyer as a guide:

"I give ______________ [specify the percentage of your estate or residue of your estate or a lump sum that you intend to give] to Voiceless Limited ACN 108 494 631 of 2 Paddington Street Paddington NSW 2021, to be applied for general purposes by Voiceless Limited as determined by its directors. I declare that the receipt of an authorised officer of Voiceless Limited will be a sufficient discharge to my executor or trustee."

Making a bequest for your pet

Unfortunately Voiceless is unable to offer care for companion animals. If you are interested in making a bequest for the specific purpose of the long-term care of your pet, we suggest that you consult a qualified lawyer and/or contact your local RSPCA or animal protection organisation and inquire about whether they have a companion animal's bequest program.

Further information

Neither Voiceless nor your estate will be taxed as a direct result of your bequest to Voiceless. However Voiceless may be liable to pay capital gains tax on the subsequent disposal of an asset gifted by you, if that asset appreciates in value between the time of receipt and the time of disposal of that asset by Voiceless.

Voiceless would be grateful if you could notify us when your Will has been completed, for our records. Any information you provide to us will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Voiceless is happy to provide a copy of our Constitution's objects and non-profit clauses to your lawyer upon request. If you or your lawyer have any other questions about making a bequest to Voiceless, please do not hesitate to contact us.