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Sow stall free? Let’s make it law!

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Pigs don't belong in cages

Confining mother pigs to tiny cages (known as ‘sow stalls’) causes serious physical and psychological harm. These highly intelligent and sensitive animals are unable to move or even turn around.

As more and more compassionate Australians like you discover the truth about these cruel devices, the pig industry has been forced to act. Australian Pork Limited (APL) have committed to a voluntary phase out of sow stalls by 2017.

On the surface this sounds like great news for pigs and indeed, it is a good first step. But on closer inspection, their ‘phase out’ has some holes:

  • Industry’s definition of ‘sow stall free’ does NOT mean pigs will spend no time in confinement, just less time.
  • The phase out only applies to producers who are members of APL. While APL members produce most of Australia’s pork, they represent just 38% of all Australian pig meat producers.
  • The phase out also relies on self-regulation meaning the pig industry will be responsible for policing itself with no independent checks.
  • The phase out is voluntary so there are no penalties or other legal ramifications for producers who continue to use sow stalls.

If the pig industry wants to go sow stall free, let’s make it law

We want to hold the pig industry to their word and make sure their phase out of sow stalls actually means that pig meat producers get rid of these cruel devices. That is why Voiceless is pushing for a legally enforceable ban on sow stalls.

  • We are calling for a ban that is mandatory across the whole industry and does not just apply to APL members.
  • We want a ban that is monitored and enforced independent of industry.
  • We want a ban which will see legal penalties imposed on producers who fail to comply.

In short, we don’t just want pig meat producers to give us their word that they will use sow stalls for less time, we want to make it illegal for Australian pig meat producers to keep mother pigs in cages.

Mandatory, legally enforceable bans on sow stalls have already been implemented in the United Kingdom and Sweden, with New Zealand to follow suit from 2015. Partial bans have also been implemented in Switzerland, The Netherlands, Finland and nine US States.

It’s time for Australia to catch up. 

Tell your State MP that you support a ban on all stalls.