About us

Voiceless is the home of animal protection and animal law education. Our goal is to equip the youth of today with the resources required to be tomorrow’s change-makers.

What we do

Voiceless has been at the forefront of the Animal Law movement since 2004. Our multi-faceted educational program for law students will continue to increase knowledge and awareness of animal protection issues in our legal systems. 

Our animal protection education (APE) resources are designed by educators for educators and are aligned with the Australian high school curriculum. APEs investigate key animal protection issues and ethical and legal concepts, helping students understand the relationship between human and nonhuman animals.

Who we are

Voiceless was founded by father-daughter team, Brian Sherman and Ondine Sherman. United by their passion for animal protection, Voiceless is fortunate to have the support of the following:

Voiceless Patrons are internationally recognised individuals from the highest levels of science, law, business and the arts who are dedicated to raising awareness of Voiceless’ mission.

Voiceless Ambassadors are internationally recognised artists who are committed to ensuring that animal protection is the next great social movement.  Our Ambassadors lend their voices to speak on behalf of animals across all forms of media.

Voiceless Directors jointly oversee the activities of the organisation.  Drawn from a range of diverse backgrounds and experiences, Directors are united by their belief in animal protection and work collectively to guide the development of Voiceless.  

Voiceless Scientific Expert Advisory Council (SEAC) is a group of academics from around the world who assists us in the production of quality research and publications which expose legalised animal cruelty and inform public debate.

Voiceless Legal Advisory Council (LAC) is a collection of Australian animal law experts who collaborate with Voiceless to provide their legal expertise and commentary on animal protection matters and review our submissions and other law related publications.

Voiceless Education Advisory Council (EAC) is a collection of Australian education experts who collaborate with Voiceless to provide their expertise and commentary on animal protection education and animal law education materials and initiatives.